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Get A Different Experience From Portland

Not many foreign tourists know Portland. Despite having various interesting things in it, foreign tourists prefer Miami or Las Vegas as tourist destinations because they have a strong appeal. However, if you want to have a great vacation experience, Portland can be the destination. By taking advantage of https://pdxfilmfest.com/portland-oregon-2021-downtown-driving-tour/ on vacation, we don’t need to be afraid to walk around the city as foreigners.

Portland also has some interesting museums to visit. There is an art museum and a history museum very close together. There is also a technology and industry museum. The fee to enter the history museum is US$11 per person. For students, college students, and senior citizens, the cost is less. Even for locals, entry to the museum is free. In this history museum, we can see the history of the city before the arrival of the white people. Artifacts from the Indian era are still well preserved. Likewise, historical records of conflicts between natives and immigrants, to the latest economic and industrial developments in Oregon are presented very interestingly.

Sales Tax-Free
Beyond that, Portland is known as a fun shopping destination for Americans and foreigners alike. The reason is, shopping there is not subject to a sales tax whose value is about 10% of the selling price of goods. There are some leading factory outlets serving products from well-known brands at low prices. One of them is Woodburn Company Stores which is the largest outlet in the state of Oregon, and even the largest in the western United States. This location can be reached approximately half an hour drive from downtown Portland.

Downtown is the Washington Square Mall. There are more than 170 specialty shops in this mall. On the premises are Nordstrom, Brighton Jewelry Stores, and the very signature Cheesecake Factory. On the inside, there is a special shop selling souvenirs typical of Oregon. It’s different with Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets. The location is not far from the tourist location of the Multnomah Falls waterfall. At the shopping location, there are dozens of outlets from leading brands.