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3 Anime With The Best Plot Twists Ever, Must Watch!

Not only in movies, but some anime also have storylines with unexpected plot twists. These anime have a storyline that is very difficult to predict. From the start, you will be curious about the storyline. Until in the end, your curiosity will be solved with a very surprising fact. At https://elysian-anime.net/top-5-cu-plot-twists-kinh-ngac-nhat-anime/ you can find several lists of anime that have stories with lots of plot twists.

Of the many anime with unexpected plot twists, this time the author has summarized 3 anime with the best plot twists ever. Curious about the anime? Check out the following reviews.

1. Death Note
This anime focuses on the genius fight between Light Yagami and a detective named L. Although they both act in the name of justice, they both use very different ways. This is what makes Light and L have to fight with intelligence to achieve their goals.

This anime is very focused on fighting geniuses. So don’t be surprised if this anime presents many unexpected plot twists made by Light and L.

2. Attack on Titan
This anime tells the story of humanity taking refuge from Titan attacks behind a giant wall. After humans lived peacefully behind walls for 100 years, suddenly the Titans attacked again by destroying the walls that protected humanity.

Since the beginning of this anime, there is no definite explanation regarding the Titans. However, as the story progresses, little by little the secrets about Titan begin to be revealed. You will be surprised by the discovery of unexpected facts about the presence of this giant creature.

3. Assassination Classroom
This anime tells the story of a mysterious creature named Koro-sensei, who becomes the homeroom teacher of class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Middle School. Instead of explaining subjects like at school in general, Koro-sensei instead assigned his students to kill him.

The presence of Koro-sensei itself has indeed been a mystery in this anime. In fact, the students in class 3-E also don’t understand why they were assigned to kill Koro-sensei. However, after discovering shocking facts about Koro-sensei, the students in Class 3-E began to understand why they had to kill Koro-sensei.