Facts about Playing the Piano that Beginners Rarely Know

The soft tones of the piano often make people feel calm when they hear it. In fact, in order to give a real effect on the listener, a piano player must have a strong bond when playing a song. There are two obstacles that people often encounter when they want to play the piano. First, as already mentioned, it is expensive. Then second, not everyone has enough space to place a piano. Moreover, the sound of the piano can not be muffled, worried about disturbing neighbors and others. However, the desire to be able to play the piano is increasingly popular with the public. Because, after all playing the piano is a skill that will continue to be used and has other benefits such as calming the mind. Find out more on rocket piano.

For those of you who want to learn, there’s nothing wrong with knowing a few facts about the piano. So that they are not misguided and are more stable in honing their piano skills.

The difference between a piano and a keyboard
The keyboard is not as complicated as the piano. The instruments on the keyboard are the same as the piano, making it easier to learn. But, if you want to be able to play the piano, you can’t start from the keyboard. Because people who can play the keyboard will not necessarily be familiar with the piano. This is because the keys between the piano and the keyboard are different. The piano keys are louder so they need to be pressed firmly. While the keyboard is light.

The Right Age To Learn Piano
The right age if you want to introduce music is when the children’s golden age. That is 1-5 years. Because at that time, children can absorb information more perfectly because of their motor development. But it’s good to pay attention to the child’s behavior first before entering the music lesson. For children, usually can learn to use a digital piano. Because it makes it easy but still present like an acoustic piano. Basically not which brand is leading. But the extent to which it can facilitate the needs with all the technological sophistication in digital pianos.

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